Poppys Vintage Tea Room          

                                                                          Tel: 01480 215932    Email: poppysvintagetearoom@gmail.com                                              

Children's Menu

Breakfast menu before 11.30 am

Toast & jam £1.50

Crumpet with jam & butter £1.50

Beans on toast £1.75

Scrambled egg on toast £1.95


Lunch time

Sandwiches served on white or malted with cucumber, apple and crisps  

Ham, cheese, jam, cream cheese 



Soup of the day

Home-made soup served with a slice of granary or white bread



Poppey special

 A choice of jam, cheese or ham sandwich

Individual home-made mini cake

 fruit shoot




Biscuits £1.30

Cookies, granola, chocolate chip shortbread